Natural Coffee Body Scrub

Organic Beauty Junkie

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Some mornings you really don't want to get out of bed....and sometimes even that steaming hot cup of coffee alone isn't enough to get you moving. try adding a small scoop of this delicious and decadent all natural coffee scrub to your morning shower routine and you will be raring to go!

Using an organic blend of fair trade coffee grounds along with fair trade turbinado sugar, this body scrub packs quite a punch! Coffee grounds are naturally exfoliating, and will help buff away dry skin to reveal soft, silky skin underneath. The sugar crystals add a sweet touch as they melt with pure, coconut oil to provide that extra nourishing dose of natural moisture. Each order is lovingly hand packed into a rustic glass mason jar.


Ingredients- organic fair trade coffee grounds, organic fair trade turbinado sugar, organic coconut oil, coffee essential oil