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You might never guess that a simple blend of pure virgin organic coconut oil, aluminum free baking soda and organic arrowroot powder can provide you with a healthy and safe alternative for your everyday deodorant needs. This natural deodorant really works!

If you prefer to limit slathering unnatural chemicals all over your body, and instead prefer to pamper your pits (yes, I said it!) with nourishing,  products, then consider my all natural deodorant filled with good for you ingredients. Most conventional deodorants are chock full of aluminum and parabens, both of which are linked to negative health effects. Instead, when you order this product, you will receive a 4oz. mason jar that I lovingly hand packed with this gentle, yet effective deodorant. Choose from a wide array of different scents, which are achieved by using only the highest quality essential oils, not synthetic, chemically based fragrance. An unscented version is also available. Please note that this product contains coconut oil which has a melting point of 76 degrees. It's best kept in a cool, dry place. If the product does melt, just pop it into the refrigerator for awhile, it will still maintain it's efficacy.


To Use - scoop out a dime-sized amount and apply directly to underarms with your fingers and enjoy your day!


Ingredients- organic arrowroot powder, organic coconut oil, aluminum free baking soda, essential oils.